New Facials and Peels

Hello! First, a little news- I’m starting this blog to keep you up to date with news, since I’m a total failure at doing it via social media. I am not a fan of social media in general and as the owner of two very small but growing businesses, I can barely manage as it is without worrying about facebook, instagram, twitter, etc… I tried to hire someone to do it but quickly realized they couldn’t post anything if I didn’t provide them with content. So now, if you want to know what’s new, check here first. I’ll try to get to social media occasionally, but this will be the first place I’ll post anything relevant.

Now for the good stuff- I’ve just updated the website with 2 new organic facials and 2 new peels.

  • The Revitalizing Sandalwood & Hibiscus Facial is for dry, devitalized, mature and hyperpigmented skin.
  • Healing Lotus & Dandelion Root Facial is for sensitive, inflamed or active acne conditions.
  • Glycolic Acid Peel- One of the first peels I ever used professionally was glycolic acid MANY years ago and I’ve kind of rediscovered this peel recently. It’s just fabulous for so many skin conditions because it can be used on almost any skin type, depending on how long skin is exposed to it. This can be done as a peel only or you can add this peel to any other facial at half price.
  • Organic Green Papaya, Willow Bark & Vitamin C Enzyme Peel is a natural and highly active peel, depending on how long skin is exposed so it’s easy to customize for almost any skin type, including acneic, mature, sun-damaged and hyperpigmented skin. It is very smoothing, helps brighten dull or hyperpigmented skin and heals breakouts fast, thanks to naturally occurring salicylic acid in white willow bark. This peel is featured in Revitalizing Sandalwood & Hibiscus Facial, Brightening Vitamin C & Honey Facial and Healing Lotus & Dandelion Root Facial. You can also add this peel to any other facial at half price.

I’ve also created this handy, dandy chart for your convenience since I know it can be a little overwhelming to have so many choices. I hope you’ll find it helpful. Click the chart to enlarge.

See you soon!