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Each facial includes a consultation to address your concerns about your skin condition and answer any questions you may have about the treatment or skin care in general. All treatments feature skin analysis, locally made Ablutions Organic Skin Care products, complemented with a variety of other ingredients like local honey, essential oils, active Vitamin C, Dead Sea mud and organic herbs. If you need more assistance selecting your treatment, see this chart.

Organic Facial Treatments


Revitalizing Sandalwood & Hibiscus Facial | $160

dry/devitalized/mature/hyperpigmented skin
As we age, skin becomes increasingly sluggish, leading to slower cell turnover & reduced oil production. The result is dull, waxy, dry skin that lacks firmness. This deeply nourishing, aromatic facial helps restore luminosity & elasticity to skin. Includes double cleansing under hibiscus flower steam, organic enzyme peel selected for your skin, extractions, rejuvenating sandalwood face, neck & décolleté massage, firming vitamin C mask, infrared light therapy & rich hibiscus & vitamin C hydration. You’ll also enjoy a soothing aromatherapy hand, foot & calf massage. 90 minutes

Brightening Vitamin C & Honey Facial | $115

sensitive/hyperpigmented/sun-damaged skin
Vitamin C helps even skin tone & stimulate new collagen, revealing brighter, more resilient skin. Includes double cleansing and enzyme peel selected for your skin condition under steam, extractions; face, neck and shoulder massage; organic raw honey & vitamin C mask, organic pomegranate and vitamin C serum and deep hydration. Includes hand massage. 75 minutes

Healing Lotus & Dandelion Root Facial | $130

sensitive/inflamed/acneic skin
Acneic skin tends to be overstimulated and very stressed. Traditional acne treatments often make it worse, leading to inflamed, dehydrated skin. This facial calms & balances the skin, giving it the support it needs to begin healing itself. Includes double cleansing and papaya/ willow bark/ vitamin C enzyme peel under dandelion root steam, extractions, lymphatic drainage massage of face and throat with dandelion root infusion; lotus and raw honey mask, photon light therapy, herbal balancing mist and lotus elixir hydration. 90 minutes

Organic Nirvana Facial | $140

all skin types
A luxurious treatment including double cleansing under steam, manual microdermabrasion with ultrasonic exfoliation, light extractions, aromatic face, neck & shoulder massage, freshly mixed herbal organic treatment mask customized for your face & décolleté, vitamin C serum and hydration. You’ll also enjoy a hand and arm massage, an herbal towel steam and deep tissue foot massage. 90 minutes

Corrective Facial Peels

Green Tea & Lactic Acid Peel | $80 | Add to any organic facial treatment $40

sensitive/dehydrated/hyperpigmented skin
This light strength peel smooths and brightens skin without irritation or drying. Includes double cleansing, green tea & lactic acid peel, freshly mixed Vitamin C and raw honey treatment mask customized for your skin, organic serum and hydration. 45 minutes

Glycolic Acid Peel | $80 | Add to any organic facial treatment $40

acneic/mature/aging/oily/hyperpigmented skin
Light to medium strength, depending on duration of skin exposure. Glycolic acid is a very versatile alpha hydroxy acid that can improve a variety of skin conditions from acne to discoloration to fine lines & wrinkles. Includes double cleansing, glycolic peel, light extractions, raw honey & lavender flower mask, herbal balancing mist, vitamin C serum and hydration. 45 minutes

Organic Green Papaya, Willow Bark & Vitamin C Enzyme Peel | $80 | Add to any organic facial treatment $40

acneic/mature/sun-damaged/hyperpigmented skin
Light to medium strength, depending on duration of skin exposure. This herbal peel features naturally occurring papain, salicylic acid and vitamin C to smooth & brighten skin and heal blemishes quickly. Includes double cleansing and peel under steam, extractions, raw honey & rhassoul clay mask, herbal balancing mist and hydration. Avoid if allergic to papaya or aspirin. 45 minutes

Vitamin A Micro Peel | $100 | Add to any organic facial treatment $50

Medium strength peel. After cleansing, steaming, exfoliation and extractions are performed, the vitamin A micro peel is massaged into the skin, following with several minutes of photon red light therapy to enhance penetration, and left on overnight or for 6-12 hours. Light flaking and some redness is common for 3-5 days, revealing a brighter, more even complexion that is deeply hydrated. This peel should not be done within a week of heavy sun exposure. 45 minutes


Diamond Microdermabrasion | $75 | Add to any organic facial treatment for $40

mature/hyperpigmented/sun-damaged/acne-scarred skin
Diamond-tipped, non-surgical, exfoliating procedure improves acne scars, age spots, sun damage and fine lines. Includes double cleansing, face and throat microdermabrasion and hydration. 30 minutes

Microdermabrasion Facial | $130

This client favorite combines the Organic Purity Facial & Diamond Microdermabrasion. Features double cleansing, face & throat diamond microdermabrasion, steam, manual extractions, freshly mixed organic herbal treatment mask customized for your skin, photon light therapy, organic vitamin C serum and deep hydration. Includes hand and arm massage. 90 minutes