I offer experienced, discreet face and body waxing in a safe, comfortable environment. I understand that waxing can be a bit anxiety-inducing so I strive to make you feel at ease. All genders, including anyone in any stage of transitioning, are warmly welcome.

I use both hard and soft wax, depending on the area and your preference. For the smoothest, longest lasting results, body hair should be a minimum of 1/4″ long. Exfoliating with a good quality body polish or scrubby sponge regularly can also enhance results, as it lifts the hair, making it easier for wax to grip. Using body moisturizer daily helps keep skin hydrated, which reduces discomfort and keeps skin glowing. See waxing etiquette for more information.


Brow | $28

Brow Tweeze | $40

Lip | $12

Chin | $15

Cheeks | $20

Underarms | $30

Arms | $48

Stomach | $12

Feet & Toes | $10

Half Leg | $35

3/4 Leg | $48

Full Leg | $63

Classic Bikini* | $40

Classic Bikini + Behind | $55

Brazilian Bikini** | $65

Totally Bare Bikini*** | $78

*Removes bikini area hair that a traditional swimsuit doesn’t conceal
**Removes all bikini area hair except a slim strip down the center
***Removes all hair from bikini area and ‘below’


Brow | $25


Chest & Stomach | $70

Back | $60