Specific Skin Conditions

If you’re not sure which facial you want or need, you might find this guide helpful to determine the most effective treatment for your specific skin condition. Please note that in addition to these treatments, following the recommended home care routine is extremely important for best results. If you need further guidance, please don’t hesitate to call, email or text me. I love hearing from you!

Facial reference guide

Hyperpigmentation/ Melasma– This is one of the most challenging skin concerns to treat, mainly because once your melanocytes are triggered into over-active mode, they stay that way. From that point on, triggers such as hormones, sun exposure, heat and medications will always set them to GO, GO, GO! So while I can help you even out and brighten your skin, you’ll have to make major changes to keep it that way. Please don’t let this discourage you, just know that it requires a sustained commitment. The good news is that the same methods that treat hyperpigmentation are also excellent for other skin conditions such as scarring, sun damage and aging skin so you can treat multiple issues with the same treatment. Consistent home care is VITAL for successful treatment, as is sun avoidance, a giant floppy hat and generally embracing a vampire lifestyle! (Only partially kidding here.) Depending on sensitivity and severity, I recommend a series of Brightening Vitamin C & Honey Facials with a Green Tea and Lactic Acid Peel or Diamond Microdermabrasion & Vitamin A Micro Peel, plus a Vitamin C focused home care routine.

Acne (Active)– My approach to treating acne is a bit unconventional but I’ve found it to be more effective than traditional methods and much kinder to the skin. When observed in a holistic way, acneic skin is extremely over-stimulated and reactionary. Some of this is hormonal and some is lifestyle related. Rather than strip it with drying peroxides and strong acids, I’ve found that calming and nourishing the skin allows it to chill out and heal. It’s not always a super quick process but very worthwhile, especially if you’ve tried other methods and they’ve only aggravated the condition. I recommend Healing Lotus & Dandelion Root Facial.

Acne Scars- Once long term acne has calmed and healed, sometimes visual signs remain. Scars, redness, pitting and uneven pigmentation are common. If skin is healthy enough, microdermabrasion and/or peels are ideal to help correct these unfortunate affects. In addition to consistent home care, I recommend monthly Diamond Microdermabrasion combined with Glycolic Acid Peel, Green Tea & Lactic Acid Peel or Vitamin A Micro Peel, depending on skin sensitivity.

Blackheads/ Milia– Organic Purity Facial is perfect for deeply cleansing the skin and purging impurities.

Sun Damage– This can manifest in multiple ways- discoloration, sensitivity or rough, dry patches- but they all benefit from exfoliation combined intensive topical antioxidants. I recommend starting with Brightening Vitamin C & Honey Facial; peels or microdermabrasion might also be recommended depending on severity of damage and sensitivity.

Hyper-Sensitive Skin– I can customize any facial to support this skin condition but both Healing Lotus & Dandelion Root Facial or the very relaxing and nurturing Organic Nirvana Facial are excellent for extreme sensitivity.

Rosacea– Brightening Vitamin C & Honey Facial and Healing Lotus & Dandelion Root Facial are both excellent for rosacea. I like to add crushed rose petals to the honey mask, especially when a butterfly rash is present.

Extreme Dryness/ Dehydration– Revitalizing Sandalwood & Hibiscus Facial. Or try a combination of either Organic Purity Facial or Organic Nirvana Facial, and add a Green Tea & Lactic Acid Peel.

Keratosis Pilaris– This rough, bumpy condition typically manifests on the backs of upper arms, thighs, behind and sometimes facial cheeks. Deep, regular exfoliation combined with rich, soothing moisturization are the winning combination to treat keratosis pilaris. While it requires very consistent home care to effectively clear the condition, we can jump start it to fast forward the process with microdermabrasion and/or glycolic acid peels. This allows your home care to work more effectively and you’ll see results much faster.