Covid-19 Re-opening Information


Hello lovely friends! It’s been a long two months and we have so much to catch up on. I’ve missed seeing you all, hearing about your kids, pets, love life, vacations, happy events, sad events- everything! In light of re-opening, I wanted to share what I’m doing to keep us both safe and comfortable as we try to re-claim some sense of normalcy. Most of these procedures have been in place since I’ve been in business, so you probably won’t notice many changes other than the mask policy and entry door.

1 Because of the very up close and personal nature of my services, my training and continuing education as an esthetician has always had a very strong focus on sanitation and preventing the spread of disease. It seemed like a disproportionate part of my education and state board requirements when I was first starting out but now, especially, I’m grateful. All those slides of diseases, infections and other gross-out, paranoia-inducing photos and descriptions made me develop near OCD levels of disinfection procedures that have only increased over the years.

2 I’ll be working in masks and/or a face shield for the time being. If you’d like to wear a mask during your waxing or tinting session with me, it’s fine but I don’t require it. Wearing masks while getting a facial treatment isn’t feasible so if you’re not comfortable with that, hold off a bit longer on booking your facial and see how things continue to play out.

3 I’ll continue using disposable nitrile gloves for portions of facial treatments and all waxing sessions. I’m now wearing gloves for tinting services as well.

4 I’ve always preferred disposable implements where possible and that remains my policy.

5 Things that aren’t disposable (tweezers, microdermabrasion diamond tips, etc) are always wet sanitized (scrubbed thoroughly in hot soapy water and soaked in Hydrocide, a broad spectrum anti-viral, anti-fungal, germicidal solution) then sterilized in a UV sterilizer cabinet.

6 As always, all linens, facial gowns, headbands, etc are washed after every use in hot, soapy water with bleach.

7 Clients will enter my room from the hall door for the time being, avoiding the waiting room entirely.

8 I’m booking extra time between appointments for cleaning and sanitizing between each client. For this reason, please don’t come too early for your appointment- I won’t be ready and you’ll have to wait in the waiting room or the hallway, which I’m trying to avoid. Conversely, please don’t be late for your appointment because it makes me late for my next cleaning session and client. If you’re early, call or text me and see if I’m ready before coming upstairs. If you’re running late, call or text me so I can make adjustments to your session or contact my next client to give me a little more time if that works for them.

Obviously, this is subject to change as new information about the corona virus becomes available.

I look forward to seeing you soon!